Brush Me! Organic Whitening Paste

Featured Product: Brush Me! Fresh Mint Paste

Ever wish you had a tooth whitening paste that wouldn't make your teeth super sensitive and is all natural? LOOK NO FURTHER!! Brush Me! Paste recently found me on Instagram and asked if I wanted to try out their product. Results: I tried it and I'm obsessed!!

Brush Me! pastes are vegan, organic, cruelty-free with no sensitivity and without any sugars. With organic oils and blue + white clays, this dry paste is AMAZING and actually works! I'm on Week 2 and can already see a difference.

There's free worldwide shipping on all orders AND my discount code B30 will get you 30% off at checkout! What's not to lose? Brush Me! has a great variety of flavors too. {My personal favorite: Fresh Mint}

xx B Diggs

We use Organic Ingredients which will not only make Your teeth look whiter, but also will remineralize Your enamel, help to reduce bacteria and will keep Your teeth clean and fresh throughout the whole day!
— Brush Me!
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