"I like to photograph my life around me.  When I’m behind the camera, I capture the moments that I think are interesting and want to remember.  Pictures freeze a moment in time and I feel like most of my photos have a common theme of the coastal community feel I’ve been raised in and continue to live in. 

My photos breathe my heart and soul, my passions, and what I’m intrigued in.  Very rarely do I take photos that I don’t have some sort of connection to. I like to make people happy.  My photos are not of war, and don’t show emotional stress.  I like to make the soul feel good. I’ve always been a peacemaker, and film photography is just another way to express my feelings in an aesthetic way.”


Brianna Diggs

Passionate about film photography, mixed media art, fashion & traveling. Sea salt, vintage postcards and plants of any and all kinds are always welcome xx