Artwork Portfolio

The following photos represent pieces of work created while I was still attending University of North Carolina-Wilmington.  Since my minor is Studio Art, it incorporates anything from graphic design to three-dimensional design, film photography, two-dimensional mixed media art and ceramics too.

ext copy.jpg

Graphic Design "12 Plates Project"

First project in my Intro to Graphic Design class. The 12 plates feature an original photo by photographer Henry Wessel, manipulated with various Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator processes. It was a lot to learn but I loved the way this design project turned out! Professor: Ned Irvine, UNCW


A New Take on the "Birth of Venus"

Here is a drawing I did in my Two-Dimensional Design Class. The artwork features the face from the classic Renaissance painting of "The Birth of Venus" divided into squares.  Each individual square is a different pattern made up of flat and detailed shapes.  Mixed Mediums used: charcoal, sharpie, pen, and pencil. Professor: Eric Lawing, UNCW


Three-Dimensional Design Project

This first class project was made out of foam core, with each piece individually cut with a razor blade, textured with various tools & hot glued to create the final piece. My piece of art happened to be the largest in size out of the whole class. Professor: Andi Steele, UNCW

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Directed Independent Study

My inspiration for this began after shooting a roll of colored 35mm film at the Sea Green Gallery in Nags Head, North Carolina.  My work is a set of four mixed media prints using a unique process.  After the colored film is processed and digitally scanned, it is then printed onto watercolor paper and altered with various mediums.  The end result was derived from mediums like acrylic ink, India ink, pen, sharpie marker, oil-based paint pens and more; all of which work well with the thickness of the watercolor paper. My theme for this project is "Salted Sea Prints" because I like to think of the creations as sea creature photos, using film photography to blur the lines between a painting and a photo.  This mysterious combination has been worthwhile to explore.  I kept similar colors in the collection but tried different techniques, so each photo has a slightly different style.  However, their underwater theme helps to unify the pieces together. {1 roll Portra 160 ISO colored 35mm film, taken on a Nikon F100 Camera} C-41 Process and Scanning by East Coast Film Lab | Professor: Courtney Johnson, UNCW